Birthday Party Questions
Do I need to book now or can I wait?? 
Yes and no, I am always getting calls at anytime to book a party. If you wait till the last minute to decide, your date might not be available. It is best to call me asap to book a show now and not worry about missing that day and time you need.614-329-5399
Why is there a deposit?? 
A deposit holds that date and time for you so nobody else gets that day and time, if other families want to book a show on the same day, they have to book it around your party time. The fastest way to book a show is through my website with a credit card, it is with Paypal. Also don't forget to fill out the brochure form so I have the correct information. 
Is the deposit refundable?? 
No, unless your child gets sick and the party is cancelled, we can work something out. We can talk about possibly rescheduling around another day and no deposit is required. If a day and time can't be agreed upon, then I am sorry, I can't refund your deposit. 
What happens if Mr. Puppet doesn't show up?? 
If I miss your party, I will refund  ALL your money Plus do something special if all is ok.
Please don't worry. My job is to be there unless an extreme emergency happens. 
Ok, we want you. I will send my deposit, what happens now??  
Once you send the deposit, I will commit to your party on the day and time agreed upon. I will send you my paperwork. This paperwork just lets you know that I know the day and time of your party. So if you get my paperwork, please look it over to make sure all the information is correct. 
What do you need from us when you arrive at our party?? 

I bring everything I need except an audience!!
My birthday party stage is the size of a big chair, I bring my own sound system so all can hear and it is best to have the children sit on the floor and the adults sit on chairs around the show. It is also best not to have any chairs directly to my left or right of the stage. If anyone sits there, they won't see anything. The show is performed to center stage. 
Do you have special requirements??
Yes, Please, Please shut the television off, even if it is on in the next room.
If certain adults at the party insist on watching sports on tv during my show, please let them know that we are all there to celebrate your child's birthday.
Also please no pets in the audience during my show, they will draw attention away from the show and if they get loose, everybody runs for their lives. It is also best NOT to feed the children during my show, they will spill their juice boxes and not laugh as much with food in their mouth. Also trying to hand a child a bag of popcorn during my show blocks the view of others. 
How is the balance paid??
It is best to pay me when I arrive at your party by check or cash. If you want to pay the balance with a credit card through my website, you can do that, but it has to be paid before I leave your party and I have a printed receipt. 
I want to have a puppet theme at my child's party, what do you suggest??
There are many families that would use a picture of some of my puppets and put it on their invitation. When your guests know there is a special show in honor of your child, they will respond quicker and be on time. If you would like a picture of "Stinky", please let me know and I'll send you one through the email. Stinky is the star of the birthday party show and once your child meets him, they won't forget him!! A trading card is also given out at Birthday parties with a picture of Stinky on it along with the FREE finger puppets.
Do you sing "Happy Birthday" and have some cake with us??
Once my show is over, I pack up and have to leave. If you do sing "Happy Birthday" while I am packing, I do stay and sing with your guests. I don't eat birthday cake, so please I mean no disrespect, my health just won't allow me to eat sweets. 
How much are the finger puppets??
At your birthday party, they are FREE, every child gets one and everyone young at heart. As a safety precaution for children younger than 3,  I only hand them out to the adults and never to young toddlers. 
It's a beautiful day, can we have the show outside??
Unless you are having your party at a park (where I would need an electrical outlet), it is best to have the show indoors. During the summer days of Ohio, it is very, very hot and when it is hot, folks are miserable and when they are miserable, they won't laugh. If you can have a show inside and the rest of your party outside, that will be best for all. There are also many distractions that just ruin a show when it is outside that are beyond my control, like insects, your neighbor wants to mow his lawn and the wind is not puppet friendly. If you are having the party at your home and insist on having it outside, you need to arrange that with me at the time of booking, not when I arrive at your home. My show that I bring for birthday parties are designed for indoor. 
When do you arrive??
I try to arrive 20-30 minutes before showtime, you can have the children watch me set up the stage so you won't have to worry about entertaining them, I'll do that for you. That also helps out when it is showtime, the children are now used to seeing me and I am not just a stranger entering your home. 
Can we videotape and take pictures??
Yes, please capture the fun and if the photos come out great,
I might ask you for a copy. 
I want to combine my 2 children's party together, is that an extra charge??
No, there is only an extra charge if the 2 children are not related, if you want to combine your party with your neighbor there is an extra charge for that $75.00. If you are having a party for your own children there is no charge. 
My neighbor friend wants to add their party to mine, is that ok??
Sure, but there is an extra $75 additional cost. The reason is that I have to make sure that I focus and give attention to 2 different birthday children and I want to make sure each of them feel special on their important day. 
I have another question, can I call you or email you??
It is best to call me first 614-329-5399. The reason is that I might not be on the computer if I am out of town for shows. Also by calling me I can put your party in the schedule right away so nobody else grabs your time slot. 
I want an adult birthday party, do you do that??
Yes, it is best if no children are there under the age of 18, there is no x-rated language used but adult content. My adult birthday parties are a fun way to have great entertainment for the young at heart. Only my puppets that perform for adults are used so you won't be getting a childrens show, an array of ventriloquist dummies are used along with audience participation. If you haven't thought about having an adult birthday party, you should, it is a fun time for all.
Ok, but I still need references, do yo have them??
Yes, performing full time since 1996, I have references for you on whatever your party calls for. The references will also be up to date, not something I did 10 years ago.
Is your show a full hour? we want an hour show at our birthday party.  
My show is not an hour and here is why: most guests will not sit for an hour, and a child's attention span is just not long enough to sit and watch a live show for an hour. Birthday parties have too many distractions. You and your guests will be disappointed. I do gauge the show by people's laughter and full attention. If I can see the guests are having a GREAT time watching my show, I might go up to 45 or 50 minutes. But if I see that young children are getting restless and need to move, it might go 30-35 minutes. So my typical showtime is 35 minutes and everybody can then get on to the next festivity at the party. I know you will be very happy with my show! I have over 16 years of experience doing birthday parties.
My goal is to give your child the Best Birthday Puppet show ever!