(yes, this photo is from one of my many senior shows)
I am located in Columbus, Ohio.
and perform shows all across America
Yes, I can travel to your area!
Check the schedule below to see the days that are already booked
We are in the business of Laughter!
For references or questions,
Please call  614-329-5399
or email me your information and
I will contact you ASAP!



June 2014

2nd (10:00am) Dayschool show, Gahanna, Ohio

3rd (10:00/10:45am) Dayschool show, Powell, Ohio

4th (11:00am) Dublin Library, Dublin, Ohio

4th (6:30pm) Minster Library, Minster, Ohio

5th (10:00am) Gahanna Library, Gahanna, Ohio

5th (2:00pm) Franklinton Library, Columbus, Ohio

6th (10:00am) Celina Library, Celina, Ohio

8th - travel day, no shows

9th (10:00am) Boerne Library, Boerne, Texas

9th (5:00pm) Shiner Library, Shiner, Texas

10th (10:30am) Kyle Library, Kyle, Texas

10th (2:00/3:30pm) Round Rock Library, Round Rock, Texas

11th (10:00/11:00am) Kerrville Library, Kerrville, Texas

12th (10:00am) Killeen Library, Killeen, Texas

12th (7:00pm) Grapevine Library,  Grapevine, Texas

13th  (9:30/10:00am) Dayschool show, Round Rock, Texas

13th (2:00pm) Lakeway Library, Lakeway, Texas

13th (6:30pm) Kaleidoscope Toy Store, Round Rock, Texas

14th (2:00pm) Booksmarks Library, Dallas, Texas

15th - travel day, no shows

16th (10:00am) Youngstown Library, Youngstown, Ohio

17th (10:00am) Dayschool show, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

17th (6:30pm) Orange  Library, Delaware, Ohio

18th (11:00am) Girard Library, Girard, Ohio

19th (1:00pm) Kenmore Library, Akron, Ohio

20th (10:00am) Youngstown Library, Youngstown, Ohio

23rd (4 different locations) Steubenville LIbrary, Steubenville, Ohio

24th (3 different locations) Steubenville Library, Steubenville, Ohio

25th (10:00/10:45am) Dayschool show, Hillard, Ohio

25th (3:00/4:00pm) Dayschool show, Dublin, Ohio

26th (10:30am) Brumback Library, Van Wert, Ohio

26th (3:00pm) Dayschool show, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

27th (10:00am) Dayschool show, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

27th (1:30/2:15am) Dayschool show, Hillard, Ohio

29th (6:00pm) Family Fun NIght, Cleveland, Ohio

30th (10:00am) Dayschool show, Gahanna, Ohio

30th (4:00pm) Driving Park Library, Columbus, Ohio




July 2014

1st (10:00am) Newark Library, Newark, Ohio

2nd (10:45am) Cardington Library, Cardington,  Ohio

2nd (1:30pm) Chesterhill Library, Chesterhill, Ohio

3rd (10:00/10:45am) Dayschool show, Westerville, Ohio

4th (7:00pm) Senior show, Columbus, Ohio

7th (10:00/11:00am) Dayschool show, Powell, Ohio

8th (2:00pm) Youngstown Library, Youngstown, Ohio

9th (10:00/10:45am) Dayschool show, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

9th (2:00pm) Livingston Library, Columbus, Ohio

9th (7:00pm) Corporate show, Worthington, Ohio

10th (9:30am) Dayschool show, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

11th (10:30/11:00am) Dayschool show, Gahanna, Ohio

12th (3 shows TBA) Hamilton County Fair, Hamiliton, Ohio

13th (2:30pm) William's 5th birthday party, Dublin, Ohio

14th (9:30/10:15am) Dayschool show, Powell, Ohio

14th (6:30pm) Powell Library, Powell,  Ohio

15th (11:00am) Youngstown Library, Youngstown, Ohio

15th (2:00pm) Youngstown Library, Youngstown, Ohio

16th (10:00/10:45am) Dayschool show, Hilliard, Ohio

17th - Ventriloquist Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio

18th - Ventriloquist Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio

19th - (2:00pm) Cincinnati Children Hospital show, Cincinnati, Ohio

21st (10:00am) Youngstown Library, Youngstown, Ohio

22nd (10:00am) Dayschool show, Grove City, Ohio

22nd (3:00pm) Dayschool show, Pinkerington, Ohi

23rd (10:30am) Hervey Library, Utica, Ohio

23rd (3:00pm) Pickaway Library, Ashville, Ohio

24th (9:30am) Dayschool show, Lewis Center, Ohio

24th (1:30/6:30pm) Ellet Library, Akron, Ohio

25th (10:00/10:45am) Dayschool show, Dublin, Ohio

25th (7:00pm) Country Club show, Columbus, Ohio

26th (4:00pm) Neighborhood block party, Cleveland, Ohio

28th (10:00/10:45am) Dayschool show, Pickerington, Ohio

29th (10:00am) Dayschool show, Bexley, Ohio

29th (6:30pm) Barnesville Library Barnesville, Ohio

30th (1:00pm) Portage Lakes Library, Akron, Ohio

30th (7:00pm) Grandview Heights Library, Grandview, Ohio

31st (10:00am) Dayschool show, Westerville, Ohio




August 2014

Most of August is completely booked with a special puppet project Monday through Friday

if there is a date you want in august, please call me first before I can commit 614-329-5399



1st (10:30am) Dayschool show, Pickerington, Ohio

10th (All day) Richfield Fair, Richfield, Ohio

14th -  Fest for Beatles Fans, Chicago

15th -  Fest for Beatles Fans, Chicago

16th -  Fest for Beatles Fans, Chicago

17th -  Fest for Beatles Fans, Chicago







September 2014


24th (9:30am) Elementary "No Bully Zone show" school, Columbus, Ohio

20th (1:00pm) Dalton Library Fun show, Dalton, Ohio

27th (TBA) Johnny Appleseed Festival, LIma, Ohio  2 shows





October 2014


8th - travel day, no shows

9th -  Fest for Beatles Fans, Los Angeles,

10th -  Fest for Beatles Fans, Los Angeles,

11th -  Fest for Beatles Fans, Los Angeles,

12th -  Fest for Beatles Fans, Los Angeles,

13th - travel day, no shows

14th - travel day, no shows

26th (4:30pm) Halloween show, Lewis Center, Ohio





November 2014



7th (all day) MACA Clown Conveniton, Harrisburg, Pa







December 2014

6th (9:00-Noon) Corporate Christmas Show, Dayton, Ohio

6th (6:00pm) Christmas show @ Simpson Library, McConnelsville, Ohio

14th (3:00pm) Corporate Christmas show, Cleveland, Ohio