(yes, this photo is from one of my many school shows)
I am located in Columbus, Ohio.
and perform shows all across America
Yes, I can travel to your area!

                                        The calendar below reflects my shows that are booked,

                              i can perform more than one show per day if time and travel allows

                                        If you need a day or have any questions, please call me

We are in the business of Laughter!
For references or questions,
Please call  614-329-5399
or email me your information and
I will contact you ASAP!



October 2015



9th - travel day

10th - (4:00/7:00pm) Family Theater show, Milton, Delaware

13th - (morning) Appearance on Good Day Columbus tv program

14th - (4:00pm) Family theater show, Indianapolis, Indiana

15th - (2:00pm) Family theater show, Peoria, Illinois

16th - travel day, no shows

22nd - (5:00pm) Dayschool Halloween show, Columbus, Ohio

25th - (5:30pm) Halloween show, Columbus, Ohio

28th - (9:30/10:30am) Dayschool Halloween show, Dublin, Ohio

28th - (4:00pm) Halloween show @ Barberton Library, Akron, Ohio

29th -  (6:30pm) Halloween show @ Norton Library, Akron, Ohio

30th - (9:30/10:30am) School show, Columbus, Ohio

30th - (3:00-6:00pm) Dayschool Halloween show, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

30th - (7:00pm) Blue Pickle Bar Halloween show, Clintonville, Ohio (adults only)

31st - (morning) Appearance on "Good Day Columbus" tv program





November 2015


7th (6:30pm) Corporate show, Akron, Ohio

11th - travel day, no shows

12th - MACA Clown Convention, Harrisburg, PA

13th - MACA Clown Convention, Harrisburg, PA

14th - MACA Clown Convention, Harrisburg, PA

15th - travel day, no shows

16th - (6:00pm) Corporate show, Baltimore, MD

18th - (6:00pm) Special Amish Family show, Millersburg, Ohio





December  2015


5th - (10:30am/1:15pm) Country Club Christmas show, Cleveland, Ohio

5th - (7:00pm) Church Holiday show, Cleveland, Ohio

6th - (4:00pm) Corporate Christmas show, Cleveland, Ohio

7th - (6:30pm) Amish Company Christmas show, Millersburg, Ohio

12th - (9:00-Noon) Corporate Christmas show, Dayton, Ohio

12th - (6:30pm) Corporate Amish show, Millersburg, Ohio

13th - (1:30pm) Community Christmas show, Sinking Springs, Ohio

18th - (1:30pm) Elementary Holiday school show, London, Ohio

21st - (9:45/10:30am) Dayschool Christmas show, Dublin, Ohio

22nd - (10:00am) Corporate Christmas show, Lima, Ohio




January 2016


1st - (1:00pm) Amish Family show, Apple Creek, Ohio

7th, 8th, 9th, - No shows booked, reserved for Ohio Fair conference, Columbus, Ohio

25th - 31st - Lecture/Performance @ KAX Convention, Ventura, California




February 2016


19th - (7:30pm) Blue/Gold Scout show, West Chester, Ohio






April 2016



10th -  (3:00pm) Country Club Family show, Cleveland, Ohio

13th - (2:30pm) Dayschool show, Wantaugh, NY

14th - 18th No shows, Reserved for the Fest for Beatles Fans, Rye, NY




May 2016


28th - (TBA) North Canton Library, North Canton, Ohio





June 2016


15th - (3:00pm) Ashville Library, Ashville, Ohio

22nd - (11:30am/2:00pm) Monadore Library, Akron, Ohio

23rd - travel day, no shows booked

24th - travel day, no shows booked

25th - (2:00pm) Northpark Mall, Booksmark Library, Dallas, Texas

27th - (3:30/6:30pm) Round Rock Library, Round Rock, Texas

28th  - (10:30/11:15am) Cedar Park Library, Cedar Park, Texas

29th - (10:00/11:00am) Kerrville Library, Kerrville, Texas

29th - (5:15pm) Shiner Library, Shiner, Texas

30th - (10:00am) Killeen Library, Killeen, Texas

30th - (1:30/2:45pm) Cedar Park Library, Cedar Park, Texas





July 2016



1st - (11:00am) Laura Bush Library, Austin, Texas

1st - (6:30pm) Boerne Library, Boerne, Texas

2nd - 6th travel day, no shows booked

7th - (TBA) Show @ Toy and Action Figure Museum, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

8th - travel day, no shows booked

9th - (10:00am/1:00pm) Theater show @ Puppetry Arts Institute, Kansas City (Independance) MO.

10th - travel day, no shows booked

12th - (1:00pm) Fairlawn Library, Akron, Ohio

14th - 17th  No Shows booked  Ventriloquist Convention, Cincinnati/Hebron KY area

19th - (2:00pm) Nordonia Library, Akron, Ohio

20th - (2:00pm) Norton Library, Akron, Ohio

27th - (1:00pm) Odom Library, Akron, Ohio

28th - (1:00pm) Kenmore Library, Akron, Ohio




August 2016


11th - 15th  Reserved for the Fest for Beatles Fans, Chicago, Illinois

22nd -26th (all week) Lecture, Performance @ American Clown Academy, Newark, Ohio