Your Child is always the STAR
of the show with Mr.Puppet

Each show has storytelling, magic and sing a longs, all done with tons of puppets and laughs!!
Create great birthday party memories for your child by inviting
Mr. Puppet to perform for you today! 
After the show, every child at the party receives a FREE finger puppet and become instant puppeteers by singing
"Happy Birthday" to your child. This is a great Kodak moment!
Along with the FREE finger puppets, a trading card of "Stinky",
the star of the Birthday party show will be handed out. *

All the children will love their Free Finger Puppets while they sing "Happy Birthday".

Videotaping and photos are always allowed to capture the great party fun!!

The Super Fun
Birthday Puppet Show

appropriate for all ages 1-11 years old
 Tons of Laughs & Puppets!!
Parents and adults will love it too!
Free Finger Puppets for all children!
In the Columbus, Ohio area - only $190.00
Outside Columbus area, call for pricing.
$75 deposit required for all birthday parties